We carry out RX OPT orthopantogram diagnostic scans in just 7 seconds with results available immediately on CD or via email.

Digital Radiography

For those afraid of ray diagnostics, we are 100% computerised – with exposure to rays reduced to 0.03 seconds and digital imaging allowing results to be sent via email. 


All kinds of toothache can be treated with laser therapy, both in people who have already undergone invasive treatments or those awaiting treatment. 
Laser technology is useful for anyone undergoing dental surgery or for treatments of any oral problems – teeth and gums – removing the need for anaesthetics. 
It is also useful in teeth-whitening treatments, in cleaning periodontal pockets and in various other surgical procedures to avoid the use of anaesthetics. 
In addition, it can immediately heal thrush, herpes blisters and mouth ulcers.

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